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* Петиция за спиране на строежа на Парадайз тауър

В началото на Април Столична община одобри строежа на 55 етажен небостъргач в непосредствена близост до Парадайз Мол в София. Сградата е прекалено висока, с която ще закрива и влошава гледката към Витоша, още повече противоречи на редица строителни разпоредби. Тези от Вас, които искат да помогнат на София да спаси гледката си към планината, нека го направят, чрез подписката срещу строеж на тази сграда.

* Petition against construction of Paradise Tower

In the beginning of April the Sofia Municipality allowed building of 55 stores building (skyscraper), situated close to Paradise Mall in Sofia. The building is too high, so it will prevent the view to the mountain and is in several violations of the municipality rules for buildings. So for those who would like to help Sofia, keep it view toward the mountain, please sign the petition against construction of this building.

December 11, 2016, 06:16:12 PM by bratignat
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World News
Technology is something that should be taken seriously and while Vitosha Studio Community is focused mainly on projects related to the history and the past we understand the importance of new technologies, easier ways and methods. With the above taken into account we would like to announce the start of new site platform which will allow Vitosha Studio members to:
1. Register and login much more easier - you can now login and register with facebook or google/youtube account (soon we will enable the same with steam account. However the traditional registration of account with email is also available.

2.Prestige module - While in the old portal platform we introduced Kudos (Karma module), in current portal system, Prestige (karma) module is part of the pack, not as in the old site - additional feature.

3.Posts likes - Again social media innovation, that will allow you to like certain posts.

4. Mobile Browsers friendly site - it is difficult for any portal site, especially with a lot of visual content to be displayed on smart phones, tablets or any other mobile device, yet the new portal should be easier for rendering, plus it will consume smaller amount of your Internet traffic.
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July 03, 2017, 09:23:49 AM by bratignat
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Due to massive spam waves from Russia and Ukraine, registration process would be a little bit more difficult, at least for robots and machines  :D . Otherwise for us humans there won't be any vissible change.
April 12, 2017, 11:56:41 AM by bratignat
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Линковете в горната част на сайта бяха, счупени, но вече са поправени.  :-*
April 12, 2017, 11:55:41 AM by bratignat
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Links in the top of the site were broken, now all of them are working. Enjoy!  :-*
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