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Author Topic: Pure SurvivAARal - Bulgarians  (Read 497 times)



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Pure SurvivAARal - Bulgarians
« on: December 11, 2016, 05:41:47 PM »
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  • Starting Year: 717
    Playing Country: Bulgaria (BGK)
    Difficulty: Normal
    AI Aggressiveness: Normal
    Main Objectives: Survive

    Bulgarians were semi-nomadic tribe which is believed to originate from Central Asia or somewhere around Altay mountain. In the days of our grandfathers, our nation migrated, from the plains which laying North of Aral Sea to the strip of Land between Caspian and Black Sea. This land was called by Byzantine chronics Old Great Bulgaria, because was vast state....and ally of Eastern Roman Empire.

    However only 30 years past since the glory of Great Old Bulgaria and on its Eastern front, more powerful Horde appeared - Khazaras, which were also nomadic people, but despite Proto Bulgarians, they didn't use stone for their cities. They were nomads in the full sense of the world. And they wanted the rich plains North of Azovian Sea. Long story - short - Old Great Bulgaria were defeated and absorbed into Khazarian Khaganate. Yet one of the Bulgarian leaders - Khan Asparuh directed his tribe to Danube Delta and on Byzantine soil - he settled. The time was right, as Byzantines were fighting difficult war with Arabians - Ummayads. The strong and disciplined Bulgarian Cavalry turned Byzantine legions to flee and for short time newly born state of Danube Bulgaria seized Small Scythia (as they called former Roman province of Moesia) along with Danube Delta and the lands North of Danube up to Carpathians. Most of the population were Slavs, along with small groups of Romanized Thracians and Byzantines.

    Until the death of Khan Asparuh, our South borders with Byzantium were calm, as opposed to constant battles with the flooding Khazars. In one of those battles the old Khan Asparuh lost his life. Strangle the rule of his son - Khan Tervel was in general calm, despite for our days, when he decided to honor the plea of The Byzantine Emperor to help him against hordes of Arabs, near Constantinople. This is how my story starts, me the humble servant of his majesty Khan Tervel, and his first Kavhan and preceptor of his son Kormeseii.

    His fate is heavy and difficult, because his father lands are locked between the most powerful Empire in the World - Byzantium, the strong Avarian Khaganate, and the wild Horde of Khazaras. However while our Northern Neighbors sre aggressive, they use the same war tactics, but without heavy fortified castles and cities, that we build from stone, which puts us in better position toward them.

    However it is not the same cease with Byzantium...actually we exists thanks to the busy life of Byzantine Emperor and lack of time for us. They have higher culture, more people, better production and economy, more territories, riches....what else....Ah, yeah they have the strongest fleet ever.

    Khan Tervel asked me to show the young Kormeseii the war tactics and the ways to defeat Byzantines. And I don't know what to tell the young khan, me the old warrior and hero from many battles. It is like fighting against the Celestial Empire of Tang. Hopeless!

    Khan Tervel knows all of this. While we were helping Byzantines to fight against the Arabs we had small cavalry of about 3000 thousand very disciplined men and around 6000 people infantry, mainly from the ranks of Slavs. At that time the Byzantine army was 400 000 soldiers  :prariedog:  it was a matter of time until they decide to take back Small Scythia. Thats why Khan Tervel decided on the last resort.

    He started to take more gold from the treasury and to raise an army, only Cavalry, so while our army is smaller it would be faster and more mobile. Along with the army he started ambitious building work, in order to make our forts and cities heavily fortified.
    All of this wasn't cheap and 5 years later in 723 AD, inflation in the state was very high - 1.4%. With those temps we would hit 20 % after 7-9 years, meaning destroying our economy.  On the other hand our army was much more impressive:

    We were now able to defeat any of the Slavic Tribes and with wise strategy to defeat Khazars or Avaars in any short war.Yet our armies weren't enough to deal just with Thracian legions of Byzantium....about 160 000 soldiers.

    Only time will show if we would be able to survive on the edge of world empire...