Vitosha, Sofia, Bulgaria

Vitosha Den

Photography, mountains and beyond

Husky Eyes

Photo Blog

Vitosha Studio

Photography, modding IT Developpers Community.

Ivan Kalpazan

Blog and other wisdoms

Husky Eyes Photo Blog
Husky Eyes

Building and creation of websites

I willl build your community site, personal blog, photo gallery or business page


Dynami code with database allowing easy changes and customization even by not experienced users.

Upgrades and customizations

Change of modules and expantion of web site functionalities.


Modern look and phone friendly sites.


Vast variety of website with different targets – from personal blogs, Photo Gallery, Community sites and forums.

Aikido Club “Zapad”

Community page for Aikido Club “Zapad”

Accounting Services

Presentation Site for accounting services

Vitosha Studio

Community website of leading innovation studio

RGB Interactive

RGB Interactive is newly created game developpment studio.

Husky Eyes

Photo Gallery Blog

Ivan Kalpazan

Personal Blog

Bulgarian Transport Tycoon

Fanpage of Bulgarian TTDX Community

Vitosha PC Service

Pc Service Workshop

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